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Public speaking isn't just about getting up in front of a large audience.  It is about how we communicate with one person, a couple of people, a conference full of colleagues, a classroom of students,  or a stadium of fans!  

Public speaking classes and communication workshops may include  informative discussion, engaging, practical exercises, professional  critique, and digital recording.  Programs are developed according to your specific needs.  

Options include presentations, workshops, series, observations, and/or individual coaching.

            Your knowledge alone will not bring you success.

Regardless of how brilliant you may be at whatever it is you do,

you must be credible and have strong commuication skills

to be successful.  People must "buy into you" and listen to what you have to say.



Be Compelling In One Hour!


Lunch Talks

How would better communication

enhance your work place?

                                                                                                *  Improved work environment                          *  Fewer mistakes

                     *  Happier employees

                     *  Increased productivity

                     *  Enhanced quality

                     *  Less conflict

Program Topics

Public Speaking 

Present to 1 or 100's  

Learn how to organize your thoughts and use verbal and nonverbal communication to establish credibility and connect with others at meetings, on stage, or teleconferencing.

Emotional Intelligence at Work

How are emotions impacting your workplace?

Don't let emotions control your workplace. Learn how to recognize and manage emotions to create a climate of cooperation and success.  

Tell A Story

A well-told story can have a tremendous impact on all business and personal relationships. Charismatic leaders and colleagues know the power of storytelling to enable people to understand, connect with, and "buy-in" to their message.  Learn how and when to tell a story.

Off The Cuff 

Can you say a few words..?

Learn how to quickly organize your thoughts and be able to respond to and take advantage of opportunities to speak impromptu.

Team Presentation

Does your group have an important presentation?

Make sure your team is cohesive, dynamic, organized, and succinct.  Perfect delivery, speech organization, and visual aids.

Listening to Connect

...and capture listener's attention

Improve productivity and overall workplace effectiveness by connecting with and understanding colleagues and clients.  This workshop focuses on developing your listening skills, as well as considering ways to communcicate to improve other's ability to listen to you.


Own The Room

It's about how you say it.

This workshop focuses on the power of nonverbal communication to establish credibility and connect with others.  The focus is on how you say it.  Learn how nonverbal communication can enable you to project charismatic, approachable, confidence.

Team Building

What is the climate at your workplace?

Develop group cohesiveness that will enhance productivity by participating in fun, engaging activities.


"Sandra is excellent.  She told us the areas we should focus on to improve our pulic speaking and presentation.  
Class was in-depth and I found every minute extremely useful.  Thank you so much." -K.Park, NYC


Without it, you cannot succeed.

Learn the components of credibility, how to make a good first impression, and establish and maintain credibility .


Communication Skills Training

Individual Coaching

Executive Coaching

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