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Learn how to  Be Compelling!

*  Practice presenting at meetings

*  Rehearse pitches to clients

*  Develop small-talk technique

​*  Overcome anxiety

*  Organize a presentation

*  Prepare for a promotion

*  Enhance delivery skills

*  Develop engaging lessons

*  Improve ability to listen

*  Propel your career

*  "Hit the ground running"

What will I gain from communication coaching? 


You will feel prepared for all your speaking situations.   

You will feel in control of your verbal and nonverbal communication.

You will have the skills to communicate in a charismatic, credible, confident manner.

Sandra's programs provide tools that can be applied immediately to

professsional, social, and personal settings.


                                     Enhance  charismatic power     

                                             Overcome anxiety

                                    Connect wtih your audience       

                                        Organize your message      


Workshops , classes, and private sessions are designed to help you: 

How are the programs structured? 

Programs are designed for                                       

or as      

Develop or fine-tune communication and presentation skills.

Sandra's presentation style is conversational and interactive.  Sessions are designed to be fun and productive.

Programs can be structured as Classess, Workshops, Series, and/or Individual coaching.

Where are the programs offered? 

Pulbic speaking and communication skills classes, workshops,  and individual coaching sessions are offered in Summit, NJ,

at your site, via Skype or Facetime.

What kinds of programs are available? 

Communication Skills Training

Individual Coaching

Executive Coaching

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