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Be Compelling  in one hour! 

Lunch Talks


One-hour, one-topic communication skill building workshops for your team 

                                                     Fast, fun, effective, convenient 


                                Learn during lunch, immediately apply new skills in the afternoon


Choose a topic:​

1.  Be Compelling!  With Style

​     How does your communication style impact how your clients / colleagues connect with you?

     Interpreting and judging other's messages based on your own communication style can                cause misunderstanding or misjudgment.  Learn to recognize communication                                  differences and motivations to enable you to adapt your message to Be Compelling. 

2.  Be Compelling!  Listen

     How does your listening impact your job performance?

     Listening is instrumental to the quality of all communication, and ultimately, to all of our                     relationships.  Listening can be the most difficult of the communication skills.  Consequently,         this can lead to poor listening, causing miscommunication, and resulting in impaired                

      relationships and productivity.  In spite of this, people rarely seek ways to become better  

      listeners.  In fact, studies show that most of us perceive ourselves to be better listeners than  

      how others rate us.   In this hour, assess your listening strengths and weaknesses and learn  

      tools to improve your ability to listen and communicate so others can listen to you. 

3.  Be Compelling!  Beyond Your Words

     Is your body expressing the message you intend?

     Everything you do—how you move, sound, look, touch, take up space, and use time, sends a        message. The question becomes, is it the message that you want to send?   There is scientific      support for the old adage, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it that matters.”  People tend      to focus on your nonverbal expression over your verbal communication, so ensuring that your   

     nonverbal message supports your intention, is crucial for effective interactions.  Learn to  

     maximize your nonverbal message.


4.  Be Compelling!  Focus On Emotions

     Why is there so much talk about Emotional Intelligence?

     Emotions drive all our behaviors and interactions.  As a result, there is a strong correlation    

     between our ability to recognize and manage emotions  (our own, and other’s) and  

     professional and personal success.  This aptitude has been termed, emotional intelligence.  

     There are 4 main components to emotional intelligence:  self-awareness, social awareness,      

     self-management, and relational management.  This workshop enables participants to    

     consider how emotions and emotional intelligence imapacts their work relationships and  



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