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Educators -- School Administrators -- College Professors

As an instructional designer and instructor, Sandra loves working with educators!  

Sandra has a MA in Instructional Media & Technology from New York University, and a BA in Child Socialization from the State University of New York at Binghamton.

She has been introducing teachers to ways of utilizing public speaking skills to engage students at the New Jersey Educator Association's annual convention for over 10 years.  As a consultant she has worked with schools and individuals on innovative ways to present subject matter to students of all ages, including instructional design and teaching technique.  


Workshops may include informative discussion, fun, practical exercises, professional critique, and digital recording .  Programs are developed according to your specific needs.  Options include presentations, worksops, series, observations, and/or individual coaching.  

    Check out Sandra's artcle in the New Jersey Education Association's Review on ways educators can energize their classroom.



Program Topics

Be THAT Teacher!

What made your favorite teacher great?

You can be that kind of teacher - with good communication skills.  Learn public speaking techniques to estblish credibility, be dynamic, connect with students and manage classrooms.


Talking WIth Parents 

Dreading Back To School Night?

Connecting with parents is key to your students' success.

Learn to overcome anxiety and  build rapport with parents.

College Professors

Are students texting in class?

Get students excited about your material.

Learn ways to establish credibility and rapport with students.  Replace dry delivery with dynamic and motivating lectures and discussions.  


Can you use a shot of charisma?

Learn how to energize and motivate colleagues, students, and caregivers.  


Presenting to Peers & Supervisors

Talking to students is fine, it's the adults that make me nervous.

Learn to be credible and confident at staff meetings, supervisor observations, in-service programs, and open-house events.

Instructional Design

Need some new ideas for lesson plans or programs?

Develop engaging lessons and activities. Learn how to present concepts in fresh and stimulating ways.   


Individual Coaching

For Administrators, Teachers, Professors

One-on-one training for classroom and other professional presentations.  Address delivery technique, classroom management, message organization, anxiety, and impromptu delivery.



...and Be Listened To

Improve your ability to listen to students and others and ways to communicate so students -- and others-- can listen to you more effectively.

Why Do I Need To Know This?

Let students know, "what's in it for me?"

Develop presentation techniques and strategies to introduce topics in ways that stimulate student interest in any subject.

"The information, presentation, and application were excellent."
                                                                                                 E. Green, Willingboro, NJ
"This should be a mandatory class for teachers."
                                                       A. Levoy, Bergenfield, NJ
"Yippee!!"  C.Erdt, S.Amboy, NJ
Listening Class

Kean University's 1st Listening Class

Communication Skills Training

Individual Coaching

Executive Coaching

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