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Communication classes, workshops, and training can help board members, organizational leaders, development professionals enhance and fine-tune your message and its delivery.

Sandra's many years working in the nonprofit sector gives her a keen understanding of the specific needs of these organizations. 

The need to connect with varied groups of people that make up donors, volunteers, staff, clients, and contract employees creates unique challenges for nonprofit leadership.   Charismatic, clear, credible communication of your mission and needs is crucial to your organization's success.


Workshops may include informative discussion, fun, practical exercises, professional critique, and digital recording.  Programs are developed according to your specific needs.  Options include classes, presentations, workshops, series, observations, and/or individual coaching.


Can you use a shot of charisma?

Learn how to energize and motivate colleagues, donors, and volunteers.  


Individual Coaching

For Administrators, Teachers, Professors

One-on-one training for classroom and other professional presentations.  Address delivery technique, classroom management, message organization, anxiety, impromptu delivery, and your specific needs.


"This should be a mandatory class for teachers."
                                                       A. Levoy, Bergenfield, NJ
"The information, presentation, and application were excellent."
                                                                                                 E. Green, Willingboro, NJ
"Yippee!!"  C.Erdt, S.Amboy, NJ

Off The Cuff 

Can you say a few words..?

Don't miss opportunities to promote your mission.  Learn how to quickly organize your thoughts and be able to respond to and take advantage of opportunities to speak impromptu.

Listening to Connect

... and capture listener's attention

Improve productivity and overall workplace effectiveness by connecting with and understanding colleagues and clients.  This workshop focuses on developing your listening skills, as well as considering ways to communcicate to improve other's ability to listen to you.


Own The Room

It's about how you say it

This workshop focuses on the power of nonverbal communication to establish credibility and connect with others.  The focus is on how you say it.  Learn how nonverbal communication can enable you to project charismatic, approachable, confidence.

Tell A Story...well

Good storytelling can create "buy-in"

Stories can have a tremendous impact on all business and personal relationships. Charismatic leaders and colleagues know the power of a well-told story to enable people to understand, connect with, and "buy-in" to your message.  Learn how and when to tell a story.

Team Presentation

Does your group need to deliver an important presentation?

Make sure your team is cohesive, dynamic, organized, and to-the-point.  Perfect delivery, speech organization, and visual aids.

Public Speaking 

Present to 1 or 100's

Learn how to organize your thoughts and use verbal and nonverbal communication to establish credibility and connect with others on stage, at meetings, or teleconferencing.  

Program Topics

Communication Skills Training

Individual Coaching

Executive Coaching

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