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Individual Coaching

Sandra's programs provide practical speaking and listening tools that can be immediately applied to professional, social, and personal settings. 

What will you gain from communication coaching? 


You will feel prepared for all your speaking situations.   

You will feel in control of your verbal and nonverbal communication.

You will have the skills to connect in a genuine, credible, and confident manner.

Skills we can work on together:

*  Practice presenting at meetings

*  Rehearse pitches to clients

​*  Control anxiety

*  Organize a presentation

*  Prepare for a promotion

*  Improve listening ability

*  Enhance delivery skills

*  Develop engaging lessons

*  Reduce vocal fillers, "um"

*  Prepare for an interview

How are the programs structured? 

Sandra's presentation style is conversational and interactive.  Sessions are designed to be fun and productive and include group WORKSHOPS, KEYNOTES, and INDIVIDUAL coaching.

Programs can be hourly, half-day, or full-day, based on your needs and criteria.

Where are the programs offered? 

Group programs are available at your site or virtually, via Zoom.

Individual and small group programs are available in Summit, NJ, Bucks County, PA, or virtually,  via Zoom.

What kinds of programs are available? 

Topics are tailored for your needs.  Topics include public speaking, listening, and interpersonal skills focus.

Individual Coaching

Program Topics

Public & Interpersonal Communication

At the conference table on stage, or virtually...

One-on-one preparation to speak at in-person and virtual business and social functions.   Learn how to organize your thoughts and use verbal and nonverbal communication to establish credibility and connect with others.  

Speech Preparation

Do you have an upcoming speech?

Whether you don't know where to begin, or need help fine-tuning your presentation and delivery, coaching can help you organize your thoughts to ensure a strong introduction, effective flow, memorable conclusion, and compelling delivery to engage your audience.  

Impromptu Speaking

Can you say a few words..?

Learn how to quickly organize your thoughts and be able to respond to and take advantage of opportunities to speak impromptu.

Interview Skills

Prepare to get the job

Learn how to make a good first impression, how to organize your thoughts, and to manage your nonverbal communication. Practice responding to questions to ensure you present yourself as a confident, credible candidate.


Is poor listening impacting your job? Your life?

The quality of your listening can impact your success in all professional and personal relationships  including in negotiation, conflict, and persuasion.  Listening is the basis 

of effective communication and yet most people are never taught this crucial and challenging skill. Discover your stregnths and weaknesses as a listener and learn ways to enhance your abilities and improve all your relationships.

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