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Sandra Bodin-Lerner Communication Coach

       You can learn to Be Compelling!      

Feel Confident, Connected, & Charismatic in

professional, social, and personal settings

Elevate your speaking and listening skills with personalized group and individual training.   Learn to organize and present your ideas confidently, and to connect with others.             

             Coaching can help you to: 

  • Enhance your performance at  meetings

  • Listen with intention

  • Optimize your public speaking

  • Improve your interpersonal skills

Sandra Bodin-Lerner

Communication Coach

Let's work together to help you make a compelling impression

Do you need to:

I can help you:

*  Advance Your Career

*  Improve Your Listening Skills

*  Present At Meetings

*  Interview For A Job

*  Pitch A Project 

*  Connect With Clients

*  Communicate With Colleagues

*  Deliver A Speech

*  Teach A Class

*  Conquer Presentation Anxiety

*  Establish Rapport

*  Elevate Your Listening Skills

*  Control Your Nonverbal Message

*  Create a Powerful Speech

*  Organize Thoughts

*  Reduce vocal fillers like "um"

*  Engage Students

*  Master Impromptu Speaking

Sandra is Spreading the Word on Listening

Things to Check Out

"The Professor of Listening"

Sandra's listening courses are featured in Dan Lyons' book! 

Read Sandra's interview in Convene Magazine, by Michelle Russell

Listening Works

Sandra's Keynote will reveal how listening skills are vital for business health and professional growth. 

International Listening Association

"Why We're Here.  Where Can We Go?"

Sandra's Keynote will share her thoughts regarding the role of the International LIstening Association.   

Let's work together to help you make a compelling impression.

Elevate your public and interpersonal communication skills with personalized group and individual coaching. Whether you want to enhance your performance in meetings, optimize your public speaking, reduce vocal fillers like "um", or become a better listener, and improve your interpersonal skills...coaching works.


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